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Posted by TrilogyTeam on April 27, 2017
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Whether you are selling a condo or a cottage, pricing a home correctly from the beginning is key. It gives you a competitive edge on the market and attracts buyers at any price point. But finding the right price for a home isn’t easy; that’s why it is important to complete an in-depth market analysis on the property. Enter the real estate agent.

What the real estate agent does is spend time analyzing data, scouting other current on-the-market homes, and confers with other brokers who’ve recently handled the sale of properties similar to the subject home. Often there will be resembling homes in comparative neighbourhoods. That’s where the expertise and knowledge of an experienced real estate agent comes in. Being able to piece together disparate fragments of data and culminating them into an exacting price for your home is what they do best.


There are a multitude of marketing platforms that can be utilized in the selling of your home, and while some have been used very efficiently, there are many that are often underused or completely overlooked.

While print advertising and direct mailing are effective in a real estate agent’s process, they must also take advantage of the greatest information distributor that is ubiquitous in our society: the internet. It’s essential that an agent take advantage of websites and social media to share your property to the largest audience possible, allowing people who may have never seen it before to have direct information on a home they may want. Be sure when selecting an agent to represent you that they are up-to-date on using social media to their advantage and have a comprehensive plan on where and to whom they are marketing your property.

Will There Be Any Open Houses?

Open houses are incredibly useful to give people a real tactile feel of the home you are selling, and while this is a useful strategy for the general public, there is an even more strategic approach: the Broker’s Open House. This is where you agent has an open house exclusively for the local real estate professionals who have prospective buyers in the market for homes like yours.

Location and Lifestyle

This is an essential part of selling a home. A buyer may love the property, but the location and lifestyle need to correspond. That’s why it is so important to advertise appealing local activities and goings-on to immerse the buyer into picturing themselves living there. One great way to portray these details is through video and virtual tour. Is the property near a private club or up-scale dining? Is it near the lakeshore or hiking trails? These are critical details that allow potential buyers to imagine their life in your home, greatly improving it’s chances on the market.

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