Canada Blooms Festival

An annual world-class festival where you may experience the joys and benefits of nature. It promotes, educates, inspires and celebrates all aspects of horticulture.  Canada Blooms is the largest flower and garden festival in the country, combining acres of stunning creative gardens. Get your first taste of Spring! Experience colour, texture, and fragrance like never before.

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Centennial Park Conservatory

Located in Etobicoke, this conservatory spans across 12,000 feet of green space. It has three main areas, including a tropical house and an arid house. Over 200 varieties of tropical plants bloom year-round including palms, crotons, gingers, hibiscus, orchids and bromeliads. Fruit trees such as banana, papaya, and soursop are also on display. Visit a mix of flora and fauna, as this conservatory is also home to turtles, birds, fish and more.

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Allan Garden Conservatory

A landmark in downtown Toronto. This indoor botanical garden is open all year round, allowing you to experience the joys of greenery with its six greenhouses: two tropical houses (including orchids, bromeliads, and begonias), the Cool Temperate House (featuring Camellias, Jasmine and plants from Australia and the Mediterranean), the Palm House (thriving collection of varied palms, bananas and tropical vines), the Tropical Landscape House (lush exotics like cycads, gingers, hibiscus and a green jade vine) and the Arid House (home to unusual cacti and succulents).

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Royal Botanical Gardens

The RBG is the largest botanical garden in Canada and among the largest in the world. For an adventure outside the city, make the trip to Burlington to experience the protected area of over 2,700 acres of land. With approximately 40,000 plants exhibited in five major garden areas; the Arboretum, Hendrie Park, Laking Garden, RBG Centre and the Rock Garden. You will not be disappointed with this escapade to the west. Follow the day with dinner in hipster Hamilton with its thriving restaurant and arts scene.

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