Sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to focus your efforts when the time comes to refresh your space or prepare it to list on the market. For those looking for return on investment, these condo upgrades will invigorate your space with ultimate comfort for you, or those interested in your home.

The Countertops

Your counters are one of the major focal points of smaller spaces; especially in condos. Naturally, granite or quartz countertops are the general sentiment. Those options are great for durability; however, it may not translate directly toward your investment. Instead, be cognisant of what will create the best impression for your potential buyers and choose a quality product that makes the most sense for your décor, both in colour and finish.

Image – 1166 Bay Street #1201 – $2,495,000

The Appliances

The kitchen is king; and buyers tend to focus on its condition. Most people aren’t interested in having to buy new appliances when they move into their new condo, so considering a place with matching, modern appliances is essential. Replacing old, worn out appliances will help add value and increase future sales potential. You don’t have to rip your kitchen down to the studs, however, beautiful sleek appliances are a reasonable investment that can deliver great returns. New appliances can instantly update a kitchen in hours without any construction dust. The same goes for laundry appliances.

Image – 1166 Bay Street, Suite #1201 – offered at $2,495,000

The Bathroom

Second only to the kitchen, nothing can turn away a potential buyer faster than an out of date bathroom. Since it endures immense wear and tear over time it’s critical to keep this up-to-date, as it impacts its overall attractiveness and function. Upgrade the shower with a double, body spray, or rain head and stone tile; the vanities with marble, quartz, or granite countertops combined with undermounted sinks. Keep the design more neutral, as a potential buyer may not enjoy the personal style as much as you do. Japanese smart toilets are in vogue. Heated floors are a frequent question buyers ask (no surprise given this past winter in Toronto).

Image – 15 Oakley Place – offered at $12,995,000

The Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the most appealing to potential buyers, and the best choice for flooring; it’s not to be overlooked. Oak, walnut, and ash are all popular choices. Its durability and sophisticated look give your space a warm radiance. However, make sure to use matte finish which is appealing to buyers. In terms of stain, blonde white oak is on trend now. Classic “walnut” stain is a timeless staple. Be sure to purchase white vs red woods, as the latter tend to read pink once stained, which is a love-hate situation for many buyers. Furthermore, add a little zest by artfully arranging area rugs in key areas.

Image – 18 William Carson Crescent #808 – offered at $1,595,000

The Storage

Condos are not known for having an abundance of storage space. Effective storage solutions will maximize the use of space because every inch of storage counts with regards to desirability. Expand your closets with organizers and shelves; empty closets look smaller than they actually are. Remodel spaces like drawers and kitchen cabinets to expand its usage. The more clutter you can avoid, the more your buyers will envision themselves moving in.

Image – 111 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite – #1904 – Recently Sold

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