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Posted by TrilogyTeam on May 31, 2017
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We are often asked by our clients if they should list in the summer or wait until the fall. Although there is no cookie-cutter answer, there are certain factors that make listing in the summer months preferable to the fall.  Generally there are fewer listings in June, July, and August as sellers prefer to wait until post Labour Day. To give you an idea of the advantages, here are some things to consider when making the decision.

Landscaping and Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything; they are made immediately and stick. When listing your home, you need to make an immediate impact on potential buyers from the moment they arrive. Lush green lawns, bright and beautiful weed-free flower gardens, and that fresh summer smell do just that. The summer months are the best time to highlight your property and home at the peak of its appeal. When a home buyer sees a beautifully cared for property, they enter that home with positive energy, an open mind, and a breath of fresh air.

Better Visibility

What’s considered “living space” changes in summer.  It isn’t just the interior rooms in your home; it’s every square foot of your property, from the sidewalk off your front lawn to the edge of your backyard. The best time to showcase every inch of your property is in the summer. Since most agents will only show your home during the daytime, it makes the most sense to list during the months of the year where there are the most daylight hours. Plus, what’s more appealing to a home buyer than a beautiful property in a great neighbourhood on a clear blue day?

Break from the School Year

Finding a suitable home in a good neighbourhood can be challenging at the best of times.  Young families will be looking for one in a quality school district as well. Commonly, these young families will look to buy in the summer so they don’t have to pull their kids out of school early and can settle into their new home before the next school year starts. Since time is of the essence, they’ll be particularly aggressive when they finally find a home that fits these particular qualities.

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