Peace and tranquility are the hallmarks of a truly peaceful bedroom with harmony and order. Although it’s a space that’s inherently full of fluffy pillows and soft bedding, the contrast of a sleek, modern aesthetic promotes that added sense of calm and tranquility. Here are our tips for updating your bedroom into a modern chamber of oasis.

Clean Lines & Structural Fixtures

A cluttered and busy bedroom can depreciate the desired tranquility. Flank your bed with simple and elegant nightstands for visual balance. Additionally, less is more with regards to choosing other furniture pieces for your bedroom. A comfortable chair, an area to relax and unwind, or an area to read will enhance your ability to rest. Eliminate any electronic devices, such as TV’s, computers, and smart phones. Nothing that emits unnatural blue light or electromagnetic waves can potentially disturb your sleep. The key is not to muddle your bedroom’s Feng Shui by adding unnecessary elements.

Image – 106 Glen Road – offered at $12,000,000

Sift the Sun Through Your Windows

It’s essential to consider the natural lighting in your bedroom. How does your room receive light? Do you walk out to a balcony through glass a door, or do you have a view of the either greenspace or a cityscape? Dress your windows with a modern flair by incorporating vertical lines in your draperies or blinds. Add visual warmth through wooden blinds, hanging linens, or utilize light fabrics that complement your décor. Blackout blinds or draperies behind to control lighting from outside.

Image – 111 Lake Woods Drive  – offered at $4,650,000

Headboard Harmony

It’s the anchor for both your bed and the adjacent wall. Consider the height of your headboard: you may accentuate your soaring ceilings by choosing a taller profile, or conversely, lower ceilings with slimmer and wider frames. For platform beds, bring the natural indoors with oak, walnut, or choose slatted headboards for added airiness to your oasis. Upholstered headboards have also been trending upwards giving a textured feel to contrast the creeds of modern bedroom décor.

Image – 79 Boulton Drive – offered at $3,749,000

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