There are no “one size fits all” advice for properties, each property needs its unique perspective and design elements. However, there are a few easy and cost-effective ways to maximize your curb appeal while also increasing the value. Here are our tips to prepare your home for Spring.

Driveway Repairs and Maintenance
The driveway is one of the first elements that you see in a home. Most times it’s the path to the inside. Repair any cracks, stains, and remove vegetation. After repairs, add a new coat of sealer will add an extra elegance to your exterior.

Currently Listed: 41 Boswell Avenue, Toronto ON, offered for $4,295,000

Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Plants
Although gardens can be stunning and add depth to a home’s exterior. However, many people don’t have the desire to sustain such extensive maintenance; nor are they interested in hiring someone either. You can attain the highest value when the garden is balanced with simple, beautiful, and easy to maintain plants and bushes.

Recently Sold: 117 Balmoral Avenue, Toronto ON, listed at $3,295,000

A Well-Maintained, Lush Green Lawn
In Spring and Summer months, it’s imperative to have a lush green lawn. This means neatly mowed, and edged, adding to the low-maintenance feel. You don’t want the buyer to look at the lawn and think they have to engage in a lot of weeding or upkeep.

Currently Listed: 456 Queen Street, Niagara-On-The-Lake ON, offered for $9,899,000

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