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Posted by TrilogyTeam on April 26, 2017
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Renovating can be costly and inconvenient, but when done right, it has the potential to add tremendous value to your home. There’s no one right way to renovate, but to get the most out of your home you ought to follow a tailored path to reach an end goal that suits your requirements. The following are our tips to guide you in the right direction.

Renovations Should Be In-Line with Your End Goal

To immediately add value to your property is by enhancing some of the most technical and important rooms in your home: the kitchen and the bathrooms. These rooms should be reconstructed to reflect your contemporary sensibility and align with the finished idea of your home. Repairing, repainting, updating the decor, and de-cluttering are time- honoured techniques to present your home at its fullest potential.

It’s important to look everywhere for possible improvements to your standard of living. Finishing the basement is a practical way to add more livable square footage for activities. Adding on or renovating an existing room into a sun room has a relaxing appeal to anyone, and heading into summer opens up all the possibilities of an outdoor patio space, a deck, a gazebo, flower gardens, and so on, to turn your home into a proverbial paradise.

An essential part to putting your home in top condition is updating and maintaining the roof, windows, and doors. These key components not only keep you safe and sheltered, but add elegance and curb side value to your home. This principle extends to any structural defects, electrical, and an up-to-date heating and cooling system. All these improvements combined can add immense value to any home and a higher quality of life.

Keep Personal Needs and Wants In Mind

The extent and expense of renovating your home depends on many factors; the biggest being how long you plan to live there. If the answer is short-term, we suggest making smaller and less expensive improvements to your home that directly apply to modernizing and updating the appeal, such as new paint, new lighting, and beautifying the exterior. If the answer is long-term, then you can put in more time and thought into renovations that will satisfy your current and future personal requirements. Invest in high quality craftsmanship as well as good materials that stays in keeping with the neighbourhood.

Expert Advice from Trusted Professionals

Renovating can be a big undertaking, so it’s always favourable to consult with professionals like interior designers, architects, and contractors that can assist you in making big decisions that will ultimately give you the highest value for your direction and budget. A professional appraiser can also be of assistance, as they can give helpful insight into the best ways to improve the overall value of your home.

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