A master bedroom can often be one of the overlooked rooms in a home because no one usually sees it. But is your bedroom conducive to positive energy and relaxation? These tips will help to easily Feng Shui your bedroom for a happier, healthier, and relaxing year.

Create symmetry

Balance. Energy. Space. All elements of good bedroom Feng Shui. The design symmetry should be as perfect as you can make it. Both sides of your bed, including furniture and lamps, should match as closely as possible, however, creativity and imagination are not limited.
Currently Listed – 3 Scholfield Avenue, Toronto

Make it a place you love

Your bedroom is meant for rest, relaxation, and romance; a place you want and need to be. Make it cozy and welcoming with soft tactile bedding, throws, and rugs. The bed should encompass soft ad soothing elements, including a solid headboard, good mattress, and an appropriate frame height without storage underneath.
Currently Listed – 9 Berryman Street, Toronto

Turn off the world

Your bedroom is a private space. Treat your windows and gateways to the outside with a fabric that completely impedes the view into your bedroom. This leaves you with a peaceful and secluded sanctuary to relax and recharge after a hard day’s work.
Currently Listed – 12 MacPherson TH#1, Toronto

Discover the right placement for your bed

Bed placement in the room is significant. Ensure your headboard is placed firmly against a solid wall to avoid having your bed “floating” in the middle of the room. It also shouldn’t be against or obstructing a window. Additionally, avoid having your bed placed in a corner. This is acceptable for a child’s room; however, you and your partner should be able to easily enter and exit the bed from either side.
Currently Listed – 41 Boswell Ave, Toronto

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