As we recognize that it’s becoming more and more essential to prevent climate change and preserve our planet, we can do our part by creating eco-friendly upgrades to our homes. Does one have to sacrifice style or value for sustainability? Here are our tips for eco-conscious trends in home design to invest in to increase your home’s worth, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Minimize Heating & Cooling Costs
On average, around 43% of home utility bills are attributed to heating and cooling costs. Upgrading your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to high-end, high efficiency solutions becomes essential to reduce your home’s footprint. Additionally, storm windows, for example, can look sophisticated while simultaneously reducing heat-loss by up to 50%. Energy-conscious thermostats are a quick and easy solution. Check and compare the SEER rating when buying air conditioning and the efficiency rating or furnaces.

Appliance Upgrades
Appliances: the perfect opportunity to introduce a new form-factor or redesign a space. They may be statement pieces, and even talking points. However, upgrading to high-end appliances is an essential eco-conscious trend and necessity. Manufacturers, like SMEG, embody stylish 50s glamour with a pop of colour, without compromising energy-efficiency ratings.

Embrace the Sun
Sustainable sources of energy, like solar energy, are attractive to the eco-conscious buyer. Embracing the sunlight doesn’t need to be painful. Rather, solar energy can be subsidized by incentives and exemptions, while providing the freedom to generate you own electricity. In fact, upgrading not only adds value to your home, but also offers the opportunity to integrate a fresh and forward-thinking design. Rain or shine, your home will be positioned for the future.

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