It’s that time of year – huddled in the corner of your couch sipping your favourite seasonal tea or hot chocolate, buried beneath a soft plush throw blanket. The sun sleeps much earlier than normal, leaving that deep blue glow that peers through your window. As pretty as the outdoor coloured lights may look, you’re glad you don’t have to be outside. It’s a sharp contrast to your calm and cozy living room. Here are a few simple tips to add décor elements of warmth into your home.

Embrace Earthy Elements

Contrast to the blooming flowers and bright florals in the summer, winter gives the opportunity to embrace the more natural materials and rustic elements to your home; bring the outdoors in! Cedar boughs, pine cones, and birch candles all make attractive centrepieces, combining a gleeful and festive style. Adding these rustic, earthy tones and textures indoors will bring out the homey and warm feel to your space.

Readjust the Focus

Pass the shorter days with a good frame of mind by adjusting the focal point of the room and creating a place to gather – not centered around a screen. Although an evening of television or movies is enjoyable, this time of year presents the opportunity to reflect on how we spend our time at home. Focus on the simpler things; reading, quality time with family and friends, sipping your favourite holiday drink on the sofa. Soft blankets and ambient candles combined with luxurious rugs and oversized pillows will bring you back to enjoying the simpler things indoors. These areas are a place to congregate for welcoming feelings of community and support.

Clean, Warm & Fresh Aromas

Avoid chemical-based artificial scents that may trigger respiratory problems; bring the natural back indoors. The answer may lie in your kitchen! A batch of apple cider or fresh mulled wine create an aroma that will be as delectable as the result. However, those store-bought candles won’t go to waste! Bury them in linen closets to imbue towels and bedding with signature scents of lavender, cinnamon, and dried apples. On the chilliest nights, you may simmer a pot of scents with natural ingredients like cinnamon sticks, apple peels, cloves, vanilla, and nutmeg. Adding these natural aromas to your home during the cold months elevates its coziness and uplifts the atmosphere.

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