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If you are a non-resident looking to buy property in Toronto, it is important to work with someone who knows about foreign ownership. The agents of the Trilogy Team have experience selling properties to non-Canadians and can assist you by referring outside experts. We have the contacts and the wealth of resources you can rely upon.

If you are looking to purchase a property from overseas, the Trilogy agents are prepared with the latest tools and technology including:

  • Video conference. Experience a virtual face-to-face discussion of your needs.
  • High-quality photos and videos. Discover your Canadian dream home with stunning photos and videos. Experience the home before even taking a step inside.
  • Languages. The Trilogy Team speaks a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Luxembourgish, and German. Also, all property information can be translated into Mandarin, upon request, by our personal, in-house translator.

A professional, unbiased strategy for purchasing your new home can make all the difference. Your Trilogy Team agent has a deep understanding of your desired location and market conditions, so let’s get connected and find your dream home.

Crunching the numbers.

While Canadian lenders finance the home purchases of non-residents, they usually require significantly larger down payments. The following is an overview of financial considerations:

  • Financing. For most non-resident clients, a 35% cash down payment (or greater) is required. Information on your income and credit-worthiness will be required by your lenders, along with proof that you can pay the mortgage. Also, mortgage interest rates may be higher than what Canadian residents would pay.
  • Taxes. It is important to contact your accountant to fully understand how the sale or purchase of a property in Canada will affect you from a tax perspective. The following is a guideline only:
    • Foreign buyers pay the same land transfer taxes as Canadian residents when buying a property in Toronto.
    • While non-residents experience no additional taxes when buying a property, there are tax implications when selling a property. Full details can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website, though you should contact your accountant for more details. We have access to global tax advisors and accountants who can assist you.
  • Insurance. For non-residents, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain insurance for an investment property. This is an important factor to consider, given that proof of home insurance is required to obtain a mortgage. Insurance quotes and information should be obtained before making an offer on a Toronto investment property.

The pride of home ownership in Toronto.

Canada welcomes home buyers from all countries and there are generally no restrictions on the amount or kind of real estate you can buy. However, foreign buyers should take note of the following:

  • Foreign ownership. The rules around foreigners buying real estate in Canada are not actually related to citizenship. Even citizens of Canada who do not reside here for more than half the year are considered non-residents (and thus subject to all the same rules).
  • Making an offer. With today’s modern technology, it is easy to make an offer on a house or condo digitally. We use Docusign to assist in the execution of the offer. Many lenders require a foreign buyer to sign the mortgage paperwork in person.
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