Clean lines. Simple styles. Use of open space. There are descriptions of contemporary kitchens that are very much in style. Whether you’re interested in transforming your current kitchen into a modern space, or updating a few elements, these are our tips for building your modern dream kitchen.

Top of the Line Appliances

Appliances are the most desirable kitchen amenity. They provide both style and function within your cooking space. Stainless steel appliances still reign as the staple in the modern luxury kitchen; you can customer-tailor your kitchen to fit your appliances. Do you prefer an induction cooktop or gas?

Pros & Cons – Gas vs Induction Cooktop

Gas Pro: No power loss – Even when the electricity goes out, cooking meals for the whole family is not interrupted.
Gas Pro: Accurate cooking temperature – turning the flame setting lower or higher changes the temperature immediately, while induction cooking requires a wee bit more time to fluctuate.
Gas Con: Messy – Food commonly spills around the flame, so it can be cumbersome to clean and maintain. Induction stovetops tend to be flat for easy cleaning.
Induction Pro: Cool stovetop – The heat from the induction only stays on the cooking vessel and is not distributed around the stovetop.
Induction Pro: Safety – Because induction cooking doesn’t produce fire as source of heat, the electromagnetic energy is only transferred via massive electromagnetic materials to the base of the pot or pan.
Induction Con: Limited to magnetic cooking vessels – you may have to invest in a whole new set of pots and pans. Take a magnet to test whether your current set will be induction-friendly
Induction Con: Only works with power. When there is a power interruption, you won’t be able to cook your meals.

When choosing between gas and induction, weigh your priorities. Be mindful that most condos in Toronto do not allow for gas. However, most people who try induction never go back to gas. Induction is a fast and super convenient.

Additionally, modern homes are moving away from larger traditional basement wine cellars to kitchen wine towers for ease of access.

Recently Listed: 75 The Bridle Path, Toronto ON, offered for $19,800,000
Take a look: 75 The Bridle Path

Modern Sink

Although this aspect of the kitchen is not the first thing that would typically come to mind in a kitchen remodel, they are an indispensable part of the final product. Stainless steel is a timeless option, however it’s not essential. Regardless, you’re looking for a sink that compliments your appliances and countertops. Attractive and highly functional. The trend is to move away from double sinks, and towards large flat-bottom single sinks that include left and right drains that maximize the surface area at the bottom of the sink. Additionally, modern sinks come with integrated sink accessories. These accessories include cutting boards, strainers and vegetable cutting containers integrated perfectly with your sink.

Furthermore, many modern kitchens display a black faucet to top the sink. This gives a dressy and contemporary look to your kitchen. The trend is moving away from industrial-sized faucets to smaller, more appropriately scaled sizes. There are more options available than traditional chrome or steel.

Recently Listed: 75 The Bridle Path, Toronto ON, offered for $19,800,000
Take a look: 75 The Bridle Path


The priority here is function, ease of cleaning, and durability. There are a variety of materials to create stunning, complimentary look that is also long-lasting. Remember: the kitchen is a high-traffic area prone to spills such as water, oils, and wine.

Durable flooring options are as follows:

• Concrete (for an industrial kitchen appearance)
• Porcelain tile (rectified finished will have the tightest grout lines)
• Stone (be careful of its porosity)
• Ceramic tile
• Vinyl strips that mimic hardwood
• Wood laminate
• Hardwood
• Cork

Recently Listed: 111 Lake Woods Drive, Stouffville ON, offered for $5,499,000
Take a look: 111 Lake Woods Drive

Fine Countertops

The right countertop gives a kitchen both style and grace. It also has function which requires durability, so choose your countertops based on quality rather than sheer attractiveness. Kitchen trends are going back to richer, more interesting countertops, paired with matching backsplashes of the same material.

Some countertop options are as follows:

• Granite
• Soapstone
• Quartz – mimicking natural stone so well that you virtually cannot tell the different; it’s the same price as natural stone but far more durable
• Marble
• Porcelain

Recently Listed: 210 Sandringham Drive, Toronto, ON, offered at $14,950,000
Take a look: 210 Sandringham Drive


A modern kitchen needs good lighting. It allows the chef to properly see what they’re doing, while also creating an ambience. Poor lighting will take away from the beauty and can potentially even lead to accidents.

Utilizing several layers to your kitchen lighting will bring out the most in your kitchen’s ambience. LED lighting gives more natural light, greater lumens, and very little heat. This type of task lighting should always have a dimmer switch, so that your kitchen doesn’t look like an airport runway.

Complete your kitchen’s look with under-cabinet LED lighting and pendent lighting over your island, as a third layer. Dimmer switches add to the ambiance. Also, the latest wine fridges offer soft blue lighting or pure white lighting to cast an off-glow into that specific area of the kitchen.

Recently Listed: 40 Heath Street West, Toronto, ON, offered at $5,800,000
Take a look: 40 Heath Street West

Kitchen remodels can be expensive; however, the results of your investment are undeniable. These are our tips for creating a contemporary kitchen. Subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this!

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