Some of the best live and innovative theatres in the country are right here at home. A place where you can enjoy beautiful spaces, innovative performances, and discover new up and coming talent. Toronto’s theatres range from cozy and intimate, all the way up to grandiose and magnificent. Here are our top picks for Toronto’s contemporary theatres.

Hart House Theatre

Right in the heart of the University of Toronto campus, Hart House Theatre is a 454-seat theatre in the Hart House Student Centre. Often referred to as “the cradle of Canadian Theatre”, it has cultivated some of Canada’s finest actors, directors, playwrights, and designers. Since opening in 1919, it continues to usher in each new generation of performers, designers and audiences.
Current show: The Crucible


Performing an diverse range of Canadian and international plays, CanStage performances appear all around Toronto. You can experience plays from larger stages, like the St. Lawrence Centre, or more intimate and avant-garde stages, like the Berkley Theatre.
Current show: Declarations

Tarragon Theatre

Located near Casa Loma, The Tarragon Theatre specializes in contemporary theatre. The building was originally designed for light industrial use, but has transformed into one of the main centres for contemporary playwriting in the country. The building’s Mainspace has 205 seats, while the Extra Space seats 100.
Current shows: Hamlet, Cottagers and Indians, Mustard, Bunny

Factory Theatre

Factory has been known to support a broad spectrum of forms and voices, and is also dedicated to serving its community by building a strong neighbourhood identity in its role as a cultural hub. With a mission to “enthrall audiences with the imagination of Canadian playwrights and develop next generation of intercultural theatre artists”, it showcases the finest Canadian artists and provides the opportunity to bring their stories to life.
Upcoming show: Bang Bang by Kat Sandler

Crow’s Theatre

An artfully designed lobby, displaying dozens of messy white paper shapes, that look like a flock of birds above you. Only delivering performances “with rigour, precision, intelligence, and beauty”, it’s Toronto’s newest theatre encompassing three remarkable venues for artistic performance, community events, kids programming, and social functions.
Current show: The Wedding Party, In The Wings, Little Crows

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