Creating a room that is both inviting and stylish takes careful planning. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. A modern living room incorporates a combination of design principles and personal style. Here are 3 design tips to transform your living room into a modern masterpiece.

Lighting: Chic & Shine | 700 King Street West, Suite 1010

Lighting is one the key elements of a modern living room. Ensure that your living room has as much natural light as possible, however, the interior design industry’s hidden secret is to have five “artificial” light source illuminating your room. Well-placed lamps and/or candles can enhance a room and truly bring it together. Incorporate dimmers everywhere into your ceiling and overhead light sources, as well to create the appropriate mood for the occasion. Up-lighting lights sitting on the floor are rarely used, but can be very calming. Proper lighting can make or break a room, so ensure your living room has the suitable shimmer and shine. Remove and eliminate any fluorescent lighting.

Layering: Lavish & Luxurious | 388 Yonge Street, Suite #7710

Whether for warmth or decoration, layering is another key aspect of a modern living room. It creates a sense of interest, texture and depth to a room that may otherwise have a lack there of. With neutral furnishings, you have the opportunity to splash the room with a burst of colour through rugs and throw pillows. These elements give your living room personality and style as well as soften a room that may have many harsh angles. Layering will include: cushions, art, rugs, and décor items. They make a room go from a silent film to a 4D movie.

Floating Furniture: Function & Flow | 159 Fredrick Street, Suite 901

Planning your living room with the right furniture placement is critical. Your living room will have a sense of stability when your traffic flow is carefully planned and ready for guests to easily flow in between couches and tables. Floating furniture can be more conducive to conversation and relaxation, so ensure to plan your living room’s layout prior to incorporating your furniture. Glass tables add light and airiness to a room. Elongated furniture and art make the ceiling heights of a room appear taller.

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