Teddington Park Avenue, with its large, Tudor- and Georgian-style homes set back from the wide, treed boulevard, is the elegant centre of this little community. On quiet Riverview Drive, homes built during the 20th Century sit side by side with imposing, new residences. The properties on the east side of the street back onto the ravine and golf course.

This small, exclusive neighbourhood was developed between 1910 and 1935. With Yonge Street as its western boundary and the Rosedale Golf Club and Riverview Drive Ravine forming its eastern limit, Teddington Park has both the advantage of the Yonge corridor’s shopping, dining, services, and subway, as well as the quiet serenity of life in a park-like setting.

For the families who live in this neighbourhood, the Zen ambience of Teddington Park is a welcome respite from their busy working lives. And, when they are ready for something more, Yonge Street is just minutes away.

 With material from Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods, by David Dunkelman

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