Leaside is a coveted, upper middle-class, family neighbourhood of mainly detached, brick and stone homes. Many of these are two-storey houses built in the Tudor style, in the 1930s and 1940s. Others, little bungalows, have been undergoing changes over time, with homeowners adding a second storey, to accommodate growing families.

Created around the time of World War I, Leaside was the first town in Ontario to be completely planned on paper before any residential construction started.  Straddling  Eglinton Avenue East, east of Bayview Avenue and west of the Don Valley, Leaside is within easy reach of transit and main thoroughfares. The Eglinton LRT (Light Rapid Transit), currently under construction, will eventually provide a fast and convenient transit alternative for neighbourhood residents.

Laird and Bayview Avenues are the main destinations for shopping; both lined with shops, services, and restaurants to serve the needs of area residents. Leaside is also home to excellent schools and many recreational facilities, including the large Leaside Memorial Gardens community centre and Trace Manes Park, with its tennis club, playground, baseball diamond, and outdoor skating rink.

 With material from Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods, by David Dunkelman

Market Trends Q1 2017 Q1 2016
Average Price DETACHED $2,162,543 $1,525,155
Average Price Semi $1,256,501 $986,233
Average Price Townhouse $0 $0
Average Price Condo $395,626 $378,129

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