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Paul Maranger


About Me

Paul is an identical twin; but he is definitely one of a kind.

How it all started

One difference between Paul Maranger and his twin brother is that Paul speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent. At least, that’s what his tutor told him during a recent stay in Mexico City. Paul took it as a compliment – and proof that his earlier sojourn with a family in Buenos Aires had served him well. He loves to take these kinds of holidays, blending language lessons with total immersion in local culture and cuisine (he has studied in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile and Argentina). And when he’s back in Toronto, his Spanish teacher drops by the office once a week to keep him on his game.

This was similar to when Paul headed off to Paris after getting his BComm. He spent a year teaching English and fine-tuning his French. Then, after earning an MBA back in Canada, he crossed the ocean once again and worked for one of France’s major financial institutions, near Lyon. His financial careers eventually brought him home to Toronto, where he discovered his love for real estate.

In the summer of 2013, Paul attended Harvard Business School to take an advanced negotiation and decision making course through the Executive Management program. Furthermore, he has obtained the Certified Residential Specialist designation, won countless awards, appeared on shows like Lynda Reeve’s House & Home and Style by Jury, and in magazines such as Style at Home. But we think the real secret of Paul’s success may be his sensitivity, as a twin, to what makes people unique. Because that’s what our business is all about: helping buyers and sellers get to a decision that is uniquely right for them. When it comes to making that happen, Paul’s one of a kind.

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